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Bible Cast: Mary

Meet Mary In the beginning of the New Testament, Mary is a prominent Bible character. She is just a young Jewish girl, however she was chosen by God to have a very important job. She was chosen to carry and give birth to God’s Son, who would become the Savior of the world.  Mary was […]

Things You Need to Know Before Telling a Story To Your Children

Bedtime stories aren’t just about putting your kids to sleep — they’re about introducing your children to a world of imagination and helping them understand the world. They’re about keeping your child happy and engaged, making bedtime stories for children a pleasure. It’s not enough to just tell the story, though. So before you head […]

Visuals to Help Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

It’s never too early to infuse your child with the love of reading—it is one of the mot important ways for your child to learn about the world around them. Reading helps stimulate brain function and ensures better mental development throughout life. But for children, it’s not just about learning to read—it’s about developing good […]

3 Ways to Enhance Child’s Vocabulary Using Storybooks

Reading is still fundamental Despite our reliance on the largely visual world of tablet, computer and television screens, a child who is not an enthusiastic reader with a well-developed vocabulary will be at a disadvantage throughout life. But when parents encourage their child to read, he or she will begin to build vocabulary skills, which […]

How to Get Your Child Go to Bed and Sleep Early

Do your children have a tendency to fight sleep, no matter how tired they are? Do they have trouble relaxing before bedtime? Some of the time, the food they eat and the things they drink can have an impact. However, many times, it’s also a matter of various excuses that kids come up with in […]

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