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Is Dr. Drum a bad software in comparison to FL studio?

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fl-studioMost of my friends who produce music on a regular basis also mention to me their love for the different beat making softwares out there.

Some people swear by FL Studio, others by Logic Pro or Ableton.

All softwares are good in their own way – but there’s a reason as to why Dr. Drum isn’t the software most widely used by professionals.

It’s simply not good enough.

I’ll get into this even more below in my review of Dr. Drum.

It’s simple.

Literally no famous producers are currently using Dr. Drum for their producing projects.

That is not to say you can’t create a banger using only Dr. Drum. You can – except it will be a bit harder than if you had access to some other beat making software.

Dr. Drum is perfect for beginners – but once you reach a certain level of expertise it’s time to move on to another beat making program such as FL Studio or Ableton.

So, to answer the original question: yes, Dr. Drum is a bad software in comparison to FL studio in terms of producing capabilities.

Like I said, you can create bangers within it – except it’ll be a lot harder. Why?

Well, for starters

  • no audio effects are included when you purchase the software. You need to purchase the expansion for this.
  • no use of VST plugins.
  • no expert-level audio controls.
  • not compatible with MIDI keyboards.

review-of-dr-drumWithout the use of VST plugins your producing career will almost be next to useless.

That is not to say Dr. Drum is a great piece of software for the hobbyists out there looking to fuel their passion for creating music.

Dr. Drum is perfect for beginners and intermediate users and although it misses a lot of core features that can be found in the more sophisticated tools – it’s great for starters.

Like a lot of successful producers will tell you: it’s not about the beat making software, it’s about how you use it!

The best producer in the world can use the worst beat making software and still create a banger.

Conclusion: Dr. Drum is a great piece of software to purchase if you’re a beginner. It’s not only extremely affordable – it’s also super easy to learn unlike all other beat making softwares out there!

Being able to directly upload your beats to YouTube isn’t bad neither and with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee you can’t go wrong. Try Dr. Drum today!

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