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Family Bible Study Made Easy

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The Mini Ark was created as tool for parents to engage their children to learn the Bible. All stories are especially designed and translated for families with children to enjoy and understand The Word of God.

By using the storybooks, your children will have fun and be more interested in learning more Bible stories. Below is the guide on how to use the website for your regular Bible study.

Guide to using The Mini Ark website in 4 simple steps:

First, you need to sign up and fill the forms with your email, username and password. Children under 13 years old need consent from parent or guardian to register. If you already have an account, just login with your user name and password for easy access and better viewing of storybooks.


Start reading the mini stories by clicking the “storybooks” button at the top bar and choose a storybook from the library. Initially, the website contains 10 stories from The Book of Matthew and Genesis. Two new stories will be added monthly, so make sure to check back often, or follow our tweets for updates.


When you finished reading, discuss about the story and the lesson they have learned. Make this time to give your kids the opportunity to speak and ask questions. This could also be a good channel of communication for your kids to be comfortable to open up a conversation regarding issues and problems they might be facing in school, etc. You can site some Bible teachings from the storybooks for the answer or Bible verses to give him/her encouragement and support. Regular discussion will help your family grow close, and stay close to one another.


Finally, the fun part for kids. Go to the “playground” page at the top bar and you’ll find printable coloring pages, classic fun activities like connect-the-dots, spot-the-difference and puzzles. You can also see whole section of ecards to greet your friends, free wallpapers to decorate your desktop and selected online games too. You can be assured that letting your children play at The Mini Ark will be a safe.

Good luck and have fun using The Mini Ark website in your bible study.


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