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How to teach children good values using Bible stories?

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Every parent wants to teach their children how to know right from wrong, how to be unselfish, and how to look out for the hurts of others. How can you teach your children these important lessons? Of course you need to model these actions in your everyday life, but an important part of Christian parenting is also teaching children good values by using Bible stories. How do you do that?


The Bible is the best source for Christian parenting. The stories in the Bible show people who make right and wrong choices, and show both consequences of sin and the blessing of following God. For example, you can read the story of the baby Moses in Exodus 2:2-10.  In this story, you can talk about the faith of Moses’ mother, who trusted God to take care of her baby. Your children will delight along with you to learn how God answers her prayers by making Pharaoh’s daughter find and rescue Moses. Children also love to imagine what it would be like to be older sister Miriam, who watched the baby Moses all day. You can talk to them about how they can show responsibility by taking care of younger children too.


Christian parenting is all about taking advantage of opportunities to talk with your children. When you read a Bible story together, let the children tell you what they think about each person in the story.  When you read the story of Joseph’s dreams in Genesis 37:3-10, you can ask them, “Was Joseph right to tell his family about his dreams?” Their answers will help you understand their thinking. If they say he was right to speak the truth, good Christian parenting can use that comment to encourage them to be truthful, but not in a boastful way. You can talk about Paul’s admonition in Ephesians 4:15 to “speak the truth in love.”


Furthermore, the Bible doesn’t shy away from difficult moral situations, and Christian parenting doesn’t either. You can use the Bible stories as a springboard for talking about right and wrong thoughts, acts and behavior. Let your children tell you what they think about Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery in Genesis 37:1-34. Use your discussion of Bible stories to help your children understand what each person did that was against God’s commands. Christian parenting helps kids see that Joseph was boastful, his brothers were violent, and his father played favorites.


Luckily for Joseph and his family, that isn’t the end of the story. Christian parenting and teaching your children good values through Bible stories also means teaching them about repentance, forgiveness and restoration. As you and your children read the story of Joseph in Genesis 39, they will see how Joseph continues to do the right thing, even when he is accused falsely. In Genesis 42-45, the story of how God brings Joseph’s brother’s to repentance and reunites the family gives you a chance to show your children how God works in all circumstances.


Another key story for Christian parenting is Job. In Job chapters 1 and 2, you and your children can read how Job continues to be faithful and obedient to God even though God allows Satan to test him by taking away his riches, his family, his health and the sympathy of his friends. Job’s story helps you strengthen your own children when they are tested. Moreover, reading the end of Job’s story in chapter 43, you can remind your child that God rewards us when we are obedient to him.

Christian parenting is easier when you have colorful and well-written Bible stories to read together online. Bible stories that you can read together as a family help Christian parenting become more a natural part of your everyday life. Best of all, when you read and share Bible stories about good values with your children, those lessons also become part of your own devotional life with God!

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