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Our primary purpose is to give families the chance to raise
children on the teachings that are the cornerstone for a good life.
By offering free stories, activities, and games that are best done
together as a family, the site strives to help families grow in love
and understanding.

The simple language and colorful illustrations help to engage a
child’s mind to better correlate the lessons of the Old and New
Testaments in a way that they can comprehend.

The best way to teach the word of God and to bring families
together is with stories in terms that the whole family can
understand and activities that bring those lessons into the home.

While many of the tabs are geared toward younger minds, the
blog area is specifically for adults. It is a place to get ideas and
tools for effective storytelling.

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Introducing The Mini Ark – Family Bible Learning Hub

The Mini Ark seeks to give parents and children a way to bond
and connect over the greatest stories and truths, growing in their
love for each other and the Bible.

The Mini Ark is divided into four different sections, each with their
own purpose:

The Mini Ark seeks to give parents and children a way to bond
and connect over the greatest stories and truths, growing in their
love for each other and the Bible.

This area is designed to give parents and children a place to
read and discuss the stories. Teaching requires new material,
and new stories are added monthly so that parents and children
can schedule time together to go over the newest stories.

Bookmarking Storybook page will make it easier for families to
quickly access the latest stories.

A child’s grasp of a concept is enhanced by interaction. This area
gives parents and teachers a wide range of printable activities,
from coloring to games.

The coloring pages depict lessons from the Bible, while games
like connect-the-dots and puzzles get the child’s mind engaged in
discovering more about the stories.

Families can save images to their computer, ecards so that
children can feel they are participating in others’ lives, and a safe
environment for online games about the Bible.

The fan page has more resources for teachers and parents so
that time together is always different and special.

Groups can find fun shirts, hats, and other products to bring a
physical presence into the home. Find something to wear on
outings or simply as reminders of the family’s time together over
the course of the day. Copies of the Bible stories are also
available so that families can take lessons on the road.

The site’s accompanying blog is geared toward teaching
children, giving parents and organizations ideas for lessons and
correlating stories to a child’s life.

Through these blog articles, a parent or teacher can find ways to
better reach a child with the lessons while strengthening the
bond they share.

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The Mini Ark team is a group of creative and driven individuals
pulling from the same dream to create something more. Inspired
by the tragic 2011 tsunami that struck Japan, the site founders
sought to bring families and communities closer together.

With a diverse range of creative individuals striving for the same
goal, the primary goal of the site is to give families an easy way
to engage in the stories and teachings of the Bible. Through fun
activities and lively illustrations, the site aims to capture minds of
all ages and bring them together.

Over time the site grows and expands, and one day the goal is to
provide a complete set of Biblical stories, from Genesis to
Revelations. Other content, such as videos and books help to
keep the site moving and transforming into something the whole
family can enjoy.

Inspired by a watery tragedy, The Mini Ark rises like Noah’s ark to
bring hope and love into the home of all willing families.

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