Captivate children’s attention with these effective storytelling tools!

  • Get easy to use Bible story scripts
  • Beautifully illustrated printable figures

Storytime CapsuleTM are short stories from the Bible, crafted and designed for fun and exciting storytelling. Each story consist of storytelling guide script and set of printable figures for flannel board.

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How to use Storytime Capsule - Flannel Graph

Step 1

Build your own flannel board. Watch the video on the right on how to build your own board.

Step 2

Print out the Storytime Capsule pages. Set aside the Story Booster Script later to be used as guide for storytelling.

Step 3

Cut out the illustrated figures and paste them on thick board. To protect and preserve we recommend laminating the figures.

Step 4

Cover back of paper shape with glue, edge to edge. Place figure, glue side down, onto flannel material. Repeat for each paper shape.

You can also paste a sand paper or Velcro at the back of the figure to make it stick to the flannel.

Step 5

Trim flannel shapes. Leave a thin border to outline the shape. Allow glue to dry.

Step 6

The flannel back shapes are placed on the flannel surfaced board. The shapes adheres to the flannel board because of the fuzzy texture on both surfaces.

Get valuable storytelling tips

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