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Genesis chapter 16 cover

Genesis Chapter 16

Hagar’s Son

Please enjoy this newly created storybook about Hagar who gave birth to a son, Ishmael. A very short story but with strong moral lessons.

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Matthew Chapter 13

Jesus’ Stories

Please enjoy this newly created storybook about how Jesus used stories to teach many things.

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Bible Quotes

The Mini Verse

Matthew 6:24

Money is neither good nor bad. Our money comes from God. When we misuse or abuse money, it causes us problems. It is necessary to ask God's direction on how we can be good stewards and managers of His possessions.

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christian parenting

How to teach children good values using Bible stories?

Every parent wants to teach their children how to know right from wrong, how to be unselfish, and how to look out for the hurts of others. How can you teach your children these important lessons? Of course you need to model these actions in your everyday life, but an important part of Christian parenting is also teaching children good values by using Bible stories. How do you do that?   The Bible is the best source for Christian parenting. The stories in the Bible show people who make right and wrong choices, and show both consequences of sin and the blessing of following God. For example, you can read the story of the baby Moses in Exodus 2:2-10.  In this story, you can talk about the faith of Moses' mother, who trusted God to take care of her baby. Your children will delight along with you to learn how God answers her prayers by making Pharaoh's daughter find and rescue Moses. Children also love to imagine what it would be like to be older sister Miriam, who watched the baby Moses all day. You can talk to them about how they can show responsibility by taking care of younger children too.   Christian parenting is all about taking advantage of opportunities to talk with your children. When you read a Bible story together, let the children tell you what they think about each person in the story.  When you read the story of Joseph's dreams in Genesis 37:3-10, you can ask them, "Was Joseph right to tell his family about his dreams?" Their answers will help you understand their thinking. If they say he was right to speak the truth, good Christian parenting can use that comment to encourage them to be truthful, but not in a boastful way. You can talk about Paul's admonition in Ephesians 4:15 to "speak the truth in love."   Furthermore, the Bible doesn't shy away from difficult moral situations, and Christian parenting doesn't either. You can use the Bible stories as a springboard for talking about right and wrong thoughts, acts and behavior. Let your children tell you what they think about Joseph's brothers selling him into slavery in Genesis 37:1-34. Use your discussion of Bible stories to help your children understand what each person did that was against God's commands. Christian parenting helps kids see that Joseph was boastful, his brothers were violent, and his father played favorites.   Luckily for Joseph and his family, that isn't the end of the story. Christian parenting and teaching your children good values through Bible stories also means teaching them about repentance, forgiveness and restoration. As you and your children read the story of Joseph in Genesis 39, they will see how Joseph continues to do the right thing, even when he is accused falsely. In Genesis 42-45, the story of how God brings Joseph's brother's to repentance and reunites the family gives you a chance to show your children how God works in all circumstances.   Another key story for Christian parenting is Job. In Job chapters 1 and 2, you and your children can read how Job continues to be faithful and obedient to God even though God allows Satan to test him by taking away his riches, his family, his health and the sympathy of his friends. Job's story helps you strengthen your own children when they are tested. Moreover, reading the end of Job's story in chapter 43, you can remind your child that God rewards us when we are obedient to him.

Christian parenting is easier when you have colorful and well-written Bible stories to read together online. Bible stories that you can read together as a family help Christian parenting become more a natural part of your everyday life. Best of all, when you read and share Bible stories about good values with your children, those lessons also become part of your own devotional life with God! Subscribe in a reader

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Coloring Pages

Bible Coloring Pages for Your Kids

Make your quality time with your kids an enjoyable one. After reading a Mini Ark Bible storybook with your children, give them some coloring pages related to Bible stories. The Playground section on the website features coloring pages, characters from the Bible storybook and our favorite official website character Flippin' Flippo. Easily printable with a thumbnail as color guide. Your children could be the next Michelangelo! Start printing now!   Subscribe in a reader

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login, read discuss and play

Family Bible Study Made Easy

The Mini Ark was created as tool for parents to engage their children to learn the Bible. All stories are especially designed and translated for families with children to enjoy and understand The Word of God. (more…)


Mother and Son

Children’s Bible Study: A Parents’ Guide for Teaching at an Early Age

Laying the foundation early for your child’s spiritual life development is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Children need to grow up experiencing God’s Word at a young age as part of their normal, everyday life. As a mother, you have the opportunity to model what that looks like for your child throughout your own walk with God, as well as deliberately incorporating specific times during the day to read the Bible. You can also discuss various Bible stories and personal applications regarding what was read that day to your own child’s life. Regular Bible reading for family times should be a consistent part of your daily routine. For some, this means the father reads a passage around the dinner table from the Bible, and then the family discusses it during the meal. For others, this could be having a morning or evening family devotions time where the Word is read and family members discuss what it means to them in their lives. If you have very young children, still allow them to be a part of these times, even if you are unsure whether they understand the content yet. By exposing them to the Bible being read and having devotional time being a part of their daily routine, reading the Bible on their own as they get older will become a natural part of their walk with God. It is also very important to read Bible passages and stories to your children no matter how old they are. Bible reading for family time at night can be done as part of the night time routine. Many parents do this by purchasing a children’s Bible and reading from it every night before bed. This provides the opportunity to talk about the stories, the people present in them, and what God did in all of those situations. It also allows for personal application and a strong segue into nightly prayer times. If you have older children, let them read to you from their Bibles and then discuss the themes from each passage with them and any questions they might have. The Mini Ark offers free Bible stories -  features fully illustrated that you can use during family devotional time and for children to read. Finally, as your children grow, it is important to teach them how to read the Bible on their own. You can do this most effectively through letting them observe your own devotional time, and then setting a specific time each day for their own devotions. When your children are a bit older, a kids' study Bible will be a wonderful tool to use, as they typically include easy-to-read and understand passages, as well as relevant life applications and spaces for children to write down comments and questions. Equip them with a kid-friendly journal where they can think, reflect and pray about what they've read, and also provide them with a highlighter so they can highlight and underline verses that are especially meaningful to them. The key to helping your children learn to read the Bible is to have devotional time and study opportunities be a regular part of their everyday lives. Children learn best through modeling and consistency, and your influence as the parent will have a great impact on their overall walk with God. Bible reading for family time and devotions will have an eternal purpose in the lives of your children.   Subscribe in a reader

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The Mini Ark Storytime

Bible Learning for Modern Day Family

Children today need Bible truths more than ever. Most parents know Bible reading for family is essential but sometimes it is hard to fit into the busy schedule. That's why The Mini Ark Online Bible storytime is so helpful. You can read your children with family Bible stories that are fun, beautifully illustrated and available on-the-go.

Bible Reading for Family is Important¨

While children can have great Bible teaching in Sunday School, they need more than just that one hour a week to really know God's word. We believe that Bible reading for family is such a vital part of your week. Since children love to hear good stories read over and over, it isn't hard to do Bible reading when you have beautifully illustrated and clearly written stories that can be downloaded to your phone, iPad or android device. You can read the stories to your children while waiting at the doctor's office, between innings at the ball game, or even while stopping for a fast food lunch on a busy shopping day.  

Parents Can Use Stories to Help Talk about Important Truths

Bible reading for family members to share together opens up opportunities to talk about how the truths of these stories impact our lives. Talking about the sin of Adam and Eve helps children to understand that we are all sinful and separated from God. By hearing about Noah's faithfulness, we can teach our children that they can be faithful and trust God no matter what. Children learn that God loves them and cares about all their needs when they hear the stories about Jesus as a healer and teacher.

New Free Bible Stories Every Month!

Every month, our writers and illustrators at The Mini Ark are producing new stories to add to our storybooks collection, but you can start viewing and reading the available online storybooks now. You can share with your children about: - The Creation of the World by God. - The Story of Adam and Eve and sin. - How Noah was faithful in building the ark. - Jesus's birth and his family. - The Temptation of Jesus and how he resisted Satan's schemes.

Tips for Bible Reading for Family

- Start by asking your child to look at the pictures on the page and tell you what they see. - If they know that Bible story, have them tell you what they remember. - If they are a beginning reader, let them find some words of the page they know, or point out one or two important words you think they could recognize. - Read the story to them with plenty of emotion! - After you finish the story, ask them questions about it. - You can also ask them to tell you the story by looking at the pictures.

Follow Up with Fun and Games to Reinforce Bible Reading

The Mini Ark has online games and print-outs to help you reinforce Bible reading to your children. You can be assured that letting your children play at The Mini Ark will be a safe and enjoyable way for them to learn about the Bible, and understand more about God's plan for them and your family.   Subscribe in a reader

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