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10 Educational Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy without TV

Tired of watching your kids glued to their favorite video game or show? Like most parents, you probably run out of kids activity ideas, especially when you are stuck indoors due to bad weather. Here are 10 educational activities to keep your kids busy without TV, video games, or other media.

1. Paint Your Own Dishes

Use plain white or clear glass dishes from the dollar store.  Have your kids use Sharpie Markers to draw and doodle. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and their drawings we be permanent (if hand washed). Have a tea party with their own dishes!

2. Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of things around the house (or if it is a nice day, outside). Give your kids the list and challenge them to find as many things as possible. Have a contest, or else have the kids work together.

3. Bumper Wrestling

Need a way for kids to get their energy off indoors?  Try having them wear large T-Shirts stuffed with pillows for a wrestling game. Keep everyone safe by having them play on soft flooring and away from furniture with hard edges. Even the crankiest siblings will end up in giggles together as they bop pillows and fall down.

4. Stuffed Animal Dress-up

Get your favorite stuffed animals and dress them up using hair bows, doll clothes and costumed jewelry. Or get even more creative and make some outfits using leftover scrap fabric, ribbon and other craft supplies. End with a fashion show and tea party.

5. Balloon Games

Blow up a couple of balloons and have your kids see how long they can bat it back and forth without having it go on the ground. Vary this by having them only use their heads, or feet, or elbows instead of hands. Or try paddles made with a paper plate with a popsicle stick attached with tape.

6. Make a Book

Kids love to make their own stories. Give them sheets of paper put together like a book and markers, stickers, and pencils.  If they can't write yet, have them tell you their story as you write it down on different pages. Then they can draw pictures to match.

7. Build a Fort

One of the best kids activity ideas is making a secret hideout. Take a large sheet and drape it over a table or chairs. Have your kids take pillows, blankets and favorite stuffed animals inside.

8. Mattress Jumping

Make an indoor trampoline by putting a mattress on the floor and letting the kids jump their hearts out.

9. Kool-Aid Painting

Put a little bit of water with 1/4 package of Kool-Aid to make a paint that smells wonderful.  Have your kids paint on paper using brushes or Q-tips. The paint even smells good when it dries.  Fold their creations in half and use as cards for Grandma or a friend's birthday.

10. Reading Storybooks

Snuggling up together with a storybook is a wonderful way to cement family bonds.  Sharing a story gives parents and kids a chance to enjoy imagining characters, events and scenes together. Role-play the story characters and make it fun by making up different voices and memorizing the dialogue. Reading Bible Storybooks is and especially meaningful way to be able to talk about values, right and wrong and how much God loves us. Try some of these kids activity ideas the next time your kids seem bored or cranky. You will be amazed at how doing an activity together can make your family time better for everyone.   Subscribe in a reader

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